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5 Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

Email marketing is a highly effective and targeted way of reaching your customers. If you are promoting a new product, sale, or just looking to raise awareness about your business, growing your email marketing list is something every business should be doing or working towards.

Whether you are just starting your email marketing list or already have an extensive one, here are 5 tips for making your email marketing campaigns more successful.

1. Be Consistent

Before you begin sending out email marketing campaigns, consider what would be the best frequency for your specific business. For example, if you are running a yoga studio, you may want to send out a weekly newsletter with the week's class offerings and events. Growing a rapport with your audience will help build your voice as a brand and grow the relationship between you are your clients!

2. Create Catchy Email Subject Lines

How many times have you deleted an email before even opening due to the subject line? As an exercise, take a moment to put yourself in the clients shoes. What combination of words/emojis would be most engaging? Come up with a list of 3-5 subject lines and beta test them on a few people outside of your business. It may also be helpful to select 2 from the list for the final email and track how each of them perform.

3. Test Your Campaign on Apple and Android

While most email campaign creators will automatically optimize for both Apple and Android devices, it's important to do a test to make sure your images and text will show up how you intended. You have one shot to get your email message across so make sure it is not spoiled with a technological glitch!

4. Include a Call to Action

Wether you are encouraging visitors to your store, website, or a simple social media follow, it's important to not miss an opportunity to get your customers engaged. One way to do this is through a call to action button. This can be as simple as "follow us on instagram" or "check our our newest arrivals."

5. Make it Personal

Email marketing can very quickly seem automated, robotic and bland, which can lead to unsubscribers. Try doing something a little more personal from time-to-time, such as a letter from the owner. This will help build your credibility with your clients through using a real and authentic voice!

Email marketing can seen overwhelming if you are just getting started, but it is nothing to fear! Above all, the most important thing is to observe how your campaigns are performing and being open to adjusting.

Happy email marketing!

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