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Could Facebook's Creator Studio be the Best New Way to Schedule Social Media?

Get access to your Instagram content, insights and publishing all in one place.

With an overwhelming amount of options out there, it's difficult to identify what the best apps to schedule instagram posts are. Recently, Facebook has added one more to the mix for consideration, but for business owners and marketers, it might be a valuable tool worth exploring.

In the most recent update to Facebook's Creator studio, the ability to schedule and monitor Instagram posts was released as an added feature to the online tool.

Why we're excited...

Sure, many third-party apps and programs such as Hootsuite, CoSchedule, and Tailwind have already allowed for the scheduling of Instagram posts prior to the new release. However, not only are many of these third-party scheduling apps associated with a monthly subscription fee, but are also limited in the types of posts you can make. For example, on Hootsuite, you are not able to upload multiple photos in one post. Facebook's latest version of the Creator Studio has no limitations.


Before getting started on the new Facebook Creator Studio, make sure your Instagram account is set to a business profile and linked to an active Facebook account.

With the new Creator Studio you can:

  1. View instagram posts across multiple accounts

  2. Filter past posts across multiple accounts

  3. View key insights such as accounts reached and impressions

  4. View new account follows and unfollows

  5. Publish and schedule Instagram posts

  6. Publish IGTV posts directly from your desktop

When it comes down to it, every social media scheduling tool has its pros and cons. Taking the time to explore each one to see what will work best for your workflow is instrumental. What is your favorite social media scheduling tool?

To read more about Facebook's Creator Studio click here.

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